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Hair Suits for the Hirsute

Link: OneDrive | SFS          



adjective: hirsute
meaning: hairy. “their hirsute chests”
synonyms: hairy, shaggy, bushy, hair-covered; woolly, furry, fleecy, fuzzy; bearded, unshaven, bristly
“they described him as unusually large and hirsute”

I have sat on these for long enough (figuratively). All credit belongs to both @lumialoversims & @erling1974 for their having taken the time to create the original amazing body hairs. Used with permission. You are now able to choose between somewhat lightly haired all the way to “My God, is that Alec Baldwin?” hair. For now, only in black. Depending on the reception of this, I plan on doing both dark blonde and an auburn as well. (Black to me is the go-to choice with ‘berry-colored’ hairs…)

This all came about because first I found myself taking way too long with combining various versions of both lumia’s & erling’s various hairs in many different combinations, but what really made me want to do it is because erling released a wonderful set of back hair that conflicted with my very favorite skin overlay, forcing me to make a tough choice between the two.

I broke my own rule of no more than 25 swatches, as there are 35 variations available to choose from. What I did was to take 4 of lumia’s old releases and 7 of erling’s body hairs, 3 of erling’s back hairs and then I also added a choice from 15 of my ‘base chest hairs’  – none of mine included any hair other than on the chest (but I did make the contribution of the ‘short & curlies’ type of hair). I also used lumia’s original butt crack overlay (which I didn’t discuss with him, I sincerely hope that he doesn’t mind…) for added depth in the said area.

If you really want, since these are found under the ‘Eyeliner’ category, you can go wild and add additional hair over/under these! Custom thumbnail, and the best part is that they are, thanks to erling, compatible with @untraditionalnerd’s male member add-on (Thanks to him for the excellent undergear!). Note: these are not Hi-Def, as the source textures weren’t, and I saw no point in artificially blowing them up to be so.

Again, Much Gratitude to both @lumialoversims & @erling1974 for all of their hard work, and for making my (our) Sims beautiful!

As always, Cheers and Thank You for Following me!

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